History of the Church

During the month of November 1971, through the faith and leadership of Pastor Lorris Upshaw Sr., God established a church in the city of Detroit.  God led this man to the vicinity of Van Dyke and Harper. Pastor Upshaw went to look as God directed, but didn't see anything, so he went home.  He later took ill and was stricken with an illness that could not be diagnosed, laying in the hospital 29 days.  Upon being discharged, he immediately returned to the vicinity of which God had directed him previously.  This time, however, Pastor Upshaw found a small building. Soon thereafter, Pastor Upshaw began fixing up the building and making preparations for the opening of Christ Temple COGIC.

It was not long before the Lord began to add souls to the church and through many prayer meetings, and much fasting and prayer, the church began to be blessed.  Through the Holy Ghost experience in the lives of his small congregation, God worked many miracles, lives were transformed, the sick healed, and souls set free.  After a few years, God gave Pastor Upshaw another vision: to buy another edifice.  The Lord added, "What you do, do quickly." By faith, the pastor and the Christ Temple COGIC congregation trusted the Lord for a new edifice, that the ministry might continue to grow.  In 1979, Christ Temple COGIC was blessed to purchase a beautiful building at 10001 Hayes at Promenade on Detroit's northeast side, becoming New Christ Temple COGIC.

The past 20 and some years have been a miracle story, to say the least.  New Christ Temple has continued to grow and the outreach in the community has been profound.  Yet, this is only the "tip of the iceberg" in regards to the plans God has in store for this ministry.