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Photo Gallery

Pastor Upshaw

Here are some wonderful photos of our pastor addressing the church and preaching the Word of God. Among them are also captures of his administration of communion and him pictured alongside Bishop Isaac King at his Installation Service in 2012!

Pastor Lorris Upshaw Jr.'s
60th Birthday Celebration!


In April of 2016, we commemorated the 60th birthday of Pastor Lorris Upshaw Jr. by hosting a banquet in his honor! Which was held at St. Josaphat Banqet Centre in Warren, MI.

Outreach Ministry 2018


NCT's Outreach Ministry is on the move! This year their target was Wayne Elementary School, where the church ministry was able to donate an abundance of hats and gloves to the children to help them brave the winter this year! Ministry members: Sister Sabrina Allen, Sister Leola Hines, Missy. Patricia Paul, Sister Kenya Slack, and First Lady Stephanie Upshaw.

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